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Tackle burnout and reduce absenteeism at your school with Tend

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Why choose Tend?

  • Reduces stress and burnout: Tend uses virtual reality to deliver a dynamic stress reduction programme for your academic community. Leverage technology to provide tools that enhance focus, resilience, and overall cognitive well-being.

  • Cost effective: From as little as £1.95 per member of staff per month, Tend provides a cutting edge and cost-effective approach to supporting staff mental health.

  • Tailored for Education: Crafted with the unique needs of higher and further education institutions in mind, our solution seamlessly integrates into your organisational culture.

  • Easy and simple to use. No technical skills required.

  • Immersive and evidence-based: Our mindfulness exercises draw on researched practices, demonstrating substantial improvements in mental wellbeing and stress reduction. 

  • Data-Driven Insights: Our technology allows us to deliver data-driven reports to help understand and address the unique challenges faced by your team members.


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